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The WPSL Security Solutions - Infinity Private Security and Investigative Services Act Instructor Led Online Security Guard Program is an online program that follows the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services curriculum. This course is instructor lead and covers all areas of the current curriculum EXCEPT FOR FIRST AID. The program is interactive and includes a virtual facilitator, interactive elements, videos, news forums and on-line meeting areas. The course is approximately 16 hours in duration on-line (equivalent to 40 hours in class) and includes a number of assignments as well as live class conferences.

The Mississauga Transit Enforcement/Security Operations Ethics and Diversity Awareness course will provide those completing the course with information that will help them to conform to the expectations of City of Mississauga when faced with ethical issues as well as ensure that they have the tools to ensure sensitivity in an increasingly diverse society. The course is delivered in an online format with the learner completing the entire course online.